LEED Project Ottumwa Iowa Correctional FacilityRECORD ARCHITECT: GENESIS DESIGN



Ottumwa Residential Correctional Facility was expanded and remodeled to not only giving staff and residents more breathing room, it has expanded what the facility is able to do for its residents.

Ottumwa Iowa Correctional Facility LEED Project
Ottumwa Iowa Correctional Facility LEED Project

The biggest improvement is the addition of 25 beds, now totaling 76 beds. The facility also has new staff offices, four spacious classrooms, a larger dining area and more services for residents.


The building is also LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). There is native grass planted around the building and a native flower plot in the back, which the residents work on and harvest seeds from.

While the building has doubled in size, they expect to see their utilities bill cut in half thanks to it geothermal heat pumps.

OTTUMWA INTERIORA new control area was designed to house the latest security electronics. A new security and camera system, including new control panels, alarmed doors with key overrides, keypad/card readers, and alarmed doors activated and deactivated from control panel, intercoms, speakers, call and panic buttons, were added.