Sustainable Design

Sustainable DesignLorraine M. Dailey is a LEED Green Associate

The goal of sustainable design in architecture is to design buildings and spaces with minimal impact on the environment, reduced usage of non-renewable resources, and an emphasis on a connection with the natural environment. It is more than just a trend in the industry today; it is becoming the new standard for progressive, responsible design. 

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DHR Announcement – Bexar County Video Visitation

San Antonio Express News mastheadDHR in Association with LMD Architects are proud to announce their latest collaborative project “New Video Visitation for the Bexar County Jail”.

The Sheriff’s Office is working to alleviate the long waits that many who visit the jail have come to expect, and to improve security inside, by installing an off-site video visitation system.

In about 15 months, a process that hasn’t changed for nearly 20 years will become far easier, said Deputy Chief Raul Banasco, the jail administrator.

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Karnes Co Jail, Sheriff’s Office & Courtroom


San Antonio Jail Architect

This project, by San Antonio Jail Architect, consists of the Karnes County Jail, Sheriff’s Offices and Courtroom. Lorraine M. Dailey worked closely with the Sheriff and County Government to design a facility that is both functional and was designed to expand with the growing needs of the county. Lorraine meticulously followed all TCJS standards and ADA accessibility while maintaining the integrity of a state of the art facility that is not only secure for the inmates, but for the visitors and staff as well.

This 48-bed jail is a 27,644 SF pier-and-beam foundation building that has the ability to manage both security and administrative functions easily and securely. To lower maintenance costs and minimize vandalism, the entire building is constructed of pre-cast concrete panels.

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LEED Project Ottumwa Iowa Correctional Facility

LEED Project Ottumwa Iowa Correctional FacilityRECORD ARCHITECT: GENESIS DESIGN



Ottumwa Residential Correctional Facility was expanded and remodeled to not only giving staff and residents more breathing room, it has expanded what the facility is able to do for its residents.

Ottumwa Iowa Correctional Facility LEED Project
Ottumwa Iowa Correctional Facility LEED Project

The biggest improvement is the addition of 25 beds, now totaling 76 beds. The facility also has new staff offices, four spacious classrooms, a larger dining area and more services for residents.

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